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This website displays two separate family trees

The first is the family history of the Papian family, ancestors of Judy Papian, the wife of Ted Steele. To protect their identities, the names of living people have been removed.

The second family presents the genealogy of the Lowe family, descendants of Thomas Low (ca. 1605-1677), immigrant settler in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Early in his research, Ted had identified his mother's great-grandfather as Benjamin Franklin Lowe, born in Portsmouth, NH, in 1814. (He had a document written by Benjamin that said so.) Benjamin's death certificate (filled out by his son, William Ebbets Lowe) claimed that Benjamin parents were Frank Low from New Hampshire and Jane [unknown] from Massachusetts. Ted then searched for them for 20 years without success.

It was only after happening to find a notice in an 1851 newspaper for "B F Lowe" posting a bond for the probate of a Thomas Pickering who had died in California that year, that Benjamin's true parents were revealed. Thomas was the son of Major Thomas Pickering and Lydia Low of Portsmouth. Lydia was the daughter of Richard Low and Mary Pattinson of Portsmouth, and the sister of Joseph Low and Jane Norrie. This Joseph and Jane were the parents of Benjamin Franklin Lowe. Joseph was a ship's master who sailed out of Portsmouth. About 1827 he sailed out and never returned, widowing Jane, who then took her young (and only) son to live with her sister, Elizabeth (Norrie) Hastings. They later moved to Newton, Mass., outside of Boston which is where Jane's grandson, William Ebbets Lowe, knew them -- but he knew nothing of his long-dead grandfather, Joseph Low.

Once Benjamin's parents were identified, it was relatively easy to trace the Lowe family's origins in America back to Thomas Low of Ipswich.

Note that the earlier generations of the Lowe family spelled their name "Low" so that is the spelling used here for all generations older than Benjamin Franklin Lowe.

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