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1 "Mutta" (Schoenfeld) Jacobsohn was "a tiny woman resplendent in her taffeta capes and wigs..." SCHOENFIELD\POPLIZER, Libe (I37)
2 1874 Trakai alphabetical list of males lists Berko Pumpyansky son of Vulf, in Stakliskes. PAPIANSKY\SILVER, Berko (I191)
3 Ada West Lowe is buried in Hollywood Cemetery. WEST, Ada Jeanette (I695)
4 Adolf & Lottie Biederman are listed as married 16 years in the 1900 census.
Flags: Born in Austria=Y
Marriage Health Dept form: 9 Oct, 1883
Adolph Bidderman, 69 Suffolk Str, 23 years age next birthday, Tailor, born in Austria,
father: Yoel Bidderman mother: Paril Ribber, first marriage.

Lottie Jacobson, 75 Division Str, 19 years age next birthday, born in Romania
father: Alter Jacobson mother: Liba Poplizer, first marriage

Lottie signed with her mark. 
Family F5
5 Adolf Biederman is buried at Mt. Judah Cemetery, San Hedrin Society, Block 6. BIEDERMAN, Adolf (I11)
6 Adolpoh Biederman died of a Heart Attack. NYC Death Certificate No. 3090. BIEDERMAN, Adolf (I11)
7 After her divorce from Gerald Lowe, Helen married Edwin G. Knapp. BADAROUS, Helen Fanny (I665)
8 Age 14 when arrived in 1920. JACKIER, Esther (I257)
9 Age 16 when arrived in 1920. JACKIER, Pzarna (I529)
10 Age 18 when arrived in 1920. JACKIER, Ida (I255)
11 Age 2 at death PAPIANSKI, Golda (I556)
12 Age 8 when arrived in 1920. JACKIER, Frieda (I258)
13 Annie Kebart is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens. KEBART, Anne (I201)
14 Arthur Weiss was "suave." He served in the army during World War II. He and Libby were still married when he returned from service in 1944. They were divorced about 1945. WEISS, Arthur Lee (I100)
15 At age 45, in his declaraation of intent, Ben listed his ht. as 5'7 1/2", wt. as 155 lb. Hair gray, eyes gray, complexion fair.
Ben was a pushcart peddler (selling dresses) and talmudic scholar. Very religious, close to God. His seders were "interminable," but unquestioned.
They lived in a coldwater flat at 131 Harrison Ave. in Brooklyn, which was meticulously clean. He was the patriarchical ruler of his children. 
JACKIER, Beresh (I9)
16 Bayside Cemetery, entrance at 81st and Pitkin, Ozone Park, Queens Co, NY. JACOBSOHN, Adolff (I36)
17 Beatrice died as an infant, from "being dropped on her head." BIEDERMAN, Beatrice (I32)
18 Ben Jackier is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Congregation Lovers of Peace, Path 5. The Hebrew inscription on his gravestone reads as follows:

Here is buried a simple/honest and straight man, Israel Davet, son of Joseph Tzvi, passed away 10 Marcheshuan 5707 (4 Nov 1946). 
JACKIER, Beresh (I9)
19 Ben Jackier was living with his daughter, Rosie Lerman, at 1775 Davidson, Bronx, at the time of his death. He died of a heart attack (coronary thrombosis). JACKIER, Beresh (I9)
20 Benjamin F. Lowe and Delia Ebbets were married at St. Bart's Episcopal Church by Rev. Lewis P. W. Balch. Family F243
21 Benjamin F. Lowe died at the Grand Union Hotel in NYC. He was first buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Plainfield, New Jersey, but was reinterred into Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, the following year. LOWE, Benjamin Franklin (I29)
22 Benjamin F. Lowe moved to San Francisco in 1849. He retired to Belleville, NJ, after 1870. LOWE, Benjamin Franklin (I29)
23 Benjamin F. Lowe was reinterred from Evergreen Cemetery, Plainfield, NJ. LOWE, Benjamin Franklin (I29)
24 Benjamin Jackier's death certificate lists his father as Joseph Jackier, of Austria. JACKIER, Yosef Tzvi (I88)
25 Benjamin Jackier's death certificate lists his mother as Sophie Sprintzer, of Austria. FRIEDMAN, Sprince (I89)
26 Bertha Biederman is buried at Washington Cemetery BIEDERMAN, Beatrice (I32)
27 Bill Papian was born at Lincoln Hospital, NYC. PAPIAN, William Nathaniel (I2)
28 Bill Papian worked on early computers (as part of Project Whirlwind) at MIT. PAPIAN, William Nathaniel (I2)
29 Blonie, Poland is 26 km. WSW of Warszawa, 52*12'/20*37', pop. 1,262 per WOWW . Former name Bloyna. JACKIER, Samuel (I7)
30 Bobby moved with her parents from Salt Lake City to L.A. in 1916. LOWE, Barbara Alice (I693)
31 Bobby's ashes were cast into the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach by her three sons, 8 Mar 1989, from a boat driven by her brother, Rodger Lowe. LOWE, Barbara Alice (I693)
32 Buried 16 April, l996 at Beth David Cemetery, L.I, N.Y. BIEDERMAN, Marion (I8)
33 David Franklin Culver is buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Salt Lake City. CULVER, David Franklin (I672)
34 David Jackier was born at 429 Tompkins Ave., at his grandmother's house. JACKIER, David (I22)
35 David Lehrman was a compulsive gambler. LEHRMAN, David (I80)
36 David's WW-II draft card gives his place of birth as "Zarwienica, Poland." This may refer to Czwernica, Wroclaw Co., Poland. Or it may refer to Czernica, aka Chernitsa, Ukraine. JACKIER, David (I161)
37 Derby, Perley. The Hutchinson Family:Descendants of Barnard Hutchinson of Cowlam, Eng. Salem, MA: Essex Institute Press, 1870 p 7 HALE, Joseph (I738)
38 DeWitt B. Lowe was in Denver & Pueblo, Colorado, ca. 1885-1890, working in real estate. About 1890 he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he estblished a brokerage business. LOWE, DeWitt Brown (I663)
39 DeWitt Brown Lowe is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City. LOWE, DeWitt Brown (I663)
40 Divorce Granted: Helen Fannie Lowe from Gerald A. Lowe; willful neglect. Family F244
41 Dolly Lowe indicates in the 1900 census (in Denver, Colo.) that she was the mother of 8 children, only 1 (Amy) living. BROWN, Dorothy P. (I675)
42 Don was born in his parents' house at 1255 Fourth Ave., Cedar Rapids. STEELE, Donald Eugene (I692)
43 Don's ashes were cast into the Mississippi River at Memphis by his three sons, 9 Apr 1987. His wife, Bobby, watched the ceremony. STEELE, Donald Eugene (I692)
44 Dora Mozelowsky is buried in B'Nai Israel Cemetery, 3701 Southern Ave., Baltimore, section A-4-4. KEBART, Devora (I65)
45 Edward Low m. Mrs. Lydia Bell Family F50
46 Elise is buried at Forest Lawn, Columbarium of Remembrance niche# 61180 LOWE, Elise Geraldine (I667)
47 Emma is buried at B'nai Israel Cemetery, 3701 Southern Ave., Baltimore. MOSELOWSKY, Emma (I67)
48 Etta Papian is buried at Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, Nassau Co., NY. SILVERMAN, Etta (I14)
49 Flags: Born in NewYork=Y JACKIER, Libby (I3)
50 Flags: Born in Russia=Y
See Bertha Aronson memoir of Papianskys in Zezmer,Lithuania 

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