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A "cornet" is the fifth grade of commissioned officer in a cavalry troop, who carried the colors. It is still used in some British cavalry regiments for officers of the rank of second lieutenant. 
PARSONS, Cornet Joseph (I7156)
2 For his service in the Battle of Hastings, Osbern Giffard received vast lands in Gloucester. He settled at Brimesfield and built a great castle there which stood until 1322, when it was destroyed by the army of Edward II. GIFFARD, Osberne (I10282)
3 JONATHAN PALMER of New Baltimore Will Probated June 25, 1855
Heirs: wife, Martha; sons, Stephen B and William R.; daughters,
Betsey, wife of Isreal Palmer; Miriam, wife of Palmer Brown; Mary
Ann, wife of Robert Holley; Susan, wife of John W. Powell; grandsons,
Augustus and William R. Brown, sons of the late daughter Zulpha
Ann, formerly wife of Palmer Brown; Sally; sons, --Garrison B. and
Jonathan Palmer, Jr.
Executors: sons, William R., Stephen B. and Garrison B. Palmer.
Witnesses: Erastus H. Hamilton of Coxsackie and Elisha B. Powell of
New Baltimore. 
PALMER, Jonathan (I3946)
4 "A John Gorham, perhaps this man, was a passenger on board the Philip bound for North America, 20 June 1635...." GORHAM, John (I2581)
5 "Andrew Robe departed this life the 28th day of September Annop Dom 1735 aged Seventy three years the 30th day of May before." ROBE, Andrew (I5356)
6 "Aquila Chase was induced in 1646 to remove from hampton to Newbury by a vote of the proprietorsa, which reads as follows: 'Granted to Aquila Chase, anno 1646, four acres of land... on condition that he do goe to sea and so service in the towne with a boate for four years." CHASE, Aquila (I2138)
7 "Daniel Ebbets was for fifty years cashier of the Union Bank in Wall Street and therefore a financier of much renown." EBBETS, Daniel (I972)
8 "Died suddenly while in bed." WEST, Lucretia (I8318)
9 "Frederick C. Pierce is considered to be one of the very least reliable genealogists to have published ever....", Ancestral Lines Revised, by Carl Boyer, p. 317. Source (S195)
10 "Goodwife Robe dyed May 16 1700." Abigail (Mrs. Andrew Robe) (I5357)
11 "Henry Cobb is lycensed to draw wine at Barnstable." COBB, Deacon Henry (I9279)
12 "His wife is still very low and there is no hope for her recovery."
-- St. Joseph Gazette-Herald, 16 Aug 1899 
DECKER, Catharine A. (I9445)
13 "John L. Spike, son of Josiah Spike, was born in Naples, NY, Nov 8, 1843. His father came to Gove in 1853, and is now a resident." SPIKE, Josiah (I757)
14 "John Lowe became master of the bring Elizabeth at the age of 21. That was in 1817, and for the next half-dozen years, he made repeated voyages to the West Indies. With Joseph Lowe, John Lowe invested in brings and schooners. In 1838, Captain John Lowe sailed from New York to Gonaives, Haiti. He was never heard from again. He was 42." [Port of Portsmouth Ships and the Cotton Trade, p. 37] LOWE, Capt. John (I12251)
15 "Miel Parse [sic] selected as Deacon (on trial) Aug 19, 1826." (In notes from Martha Helligso, 1992) PIERCE, Mial (I1123)
16 "Mr. Joseph Eveleth, in the hundred and seventh Year of his Age. He had the perfect use of his Reason to the last...." EVELETH, Joseph (I12353)
17 "My grandfather's name was Ezra Brownell... and [he] moved to Coeymans, on [the] North River, South of Albany."
Schoedack, NY from Alana Bauman, e-mail, Aug 1996. 
BROWNELL, Ezra (I614)
18 "On April 1, 1852 he left for California where he stayed till August 1866 when he returned to Iowa and has lived here since." STEELE, William Wilson (I80)
19 "On the 26 July, 1637, from the Ship Hector... in that company... came Thomas Nash, with a wife and five children." NASH, Thomas (I2011)
20 "Several weeks after Braddock's defeat, {Gen. Washington] happened to be in Alexandria at election time, when a cocky politician named William Payne came striding down the street carrying a hickory stick. Payne was running against a neighbor of Washington's for the House of Burgesses and, as he passed, George made a sarcastic remark. Payne returned the compliment and Washington, his temper flaring, called him a nasty name. Whereupon Payne, whose head did not reach Washington's shoulder, struck him with the hickory stick and knocked him flat on his back in the dusty street."
The following day, Washington asked Payne to join him at a nearby tavern. Payne feared another confrontation, but Washington apologized. The gesture transformed Payne from an enemy to a passionate supporter for the rest of his life. 
Payne, William III (I166)
21 "The Great Migration" (p. 120) contends that John Eaton's wife "remains unknown." Family F202
22 "The only mill... on... Long Island... [in] the 1660's was located near Gowanus Bay - now in Brooklyn, NY.... The mill was occupied jointly by Adam Brouwer and Isaac De Forrest." Adam Brouwer acquired this mill in 1661 from Isaac de Forest. BROUWER, Adam (I923)
23 "This assembly grants Richard Keeney of Hartford liberty to keep a ferry to transport passengers over Connecticut River, at or near the bounds between Hartford and Wethersfield...." KEENEY, Richard (I1520)
24 "Thomas Lord having engaged to this Court to continue his abode in Hartford for the next ensuing year, and to improve his best skill... both for setting of bones and otherwise... this Court doth grant that he shall be paid by the Country the sum of fifteen pounds for the said ensuing year...." LORD, Dr. Thomas (I2624)
25 "Thomas Stanton had shown... such an aptness for the language of the Indians as to be... employed in the public service... by training at harvard College for interpreter...." STANTON, Thomas (I2634)
26 "Unready" is a mistranslation of Old English unræd (meaning bad-counsel)—a twist on his name "Æthelred", meaning noble-counsel. A better translation would be ill-advised. King Ethelred II the Unready (I10243)
27 "wid. Mary Chapman" Family F5686
28 "William Wheeler was a wharfbuilder, and was getting the harbor ready for the use of the patriots, when word came that the British were coming up the river doing depredation, so he got his family of very young children ready to go to a settlement of patriots up the Chautucket in a canoe, where they (he and wife) had assisted in caring for the sick and wounded." [Family record]
His brother, Ebenezer, unmarried, was killed in the Revolution. His wife, Hannah French, would not associate with the Tories and assisted in succoring and aiding the sick and wounded patrtiots; also fed and sustained many refugees, when the British burned and massacred the town south of where they lived, "The Cove," near New London, Ct.
Certificate of service from Hon. George S. Godard, State Librarian, Conn. 
WHEELER, William (I111)
29 (See TAG, Vol. 66, pp. 30-32. This claims that Robert was NOT born in Hull. CHAPMAN, Robert (I2532)
30 1 Sept 1831, "Voted to give R. Daniel Pierce and Mary Pierce his wife letters of recommendation with leave to join some other church of same faith & order." PIERCE, Daniel (I1087)
31 12 Dec 1658. Petition. Jan Parcel and Ytie Janse, "two sorrowful sinners," for pardon, and leave to marry. Family F146
32 15 November 1712 nuptial benedictions of Germain Grosset of the said St. Germain and Miss Marceline de Combret, in the presence of Jean Grosset of Teulet and of Aldebert and jean Dimbert, brothers. Family F116
33 15/03/1685. Birth of Marceline d'Imbert born the 15 of the current [month], daughter of Noble Autoind Dimbert and of Marie Galtier, married at Combret ... of St. Germain.... DIMBERT, Madeleine (I820)
34 1679 and the 12 January have baptised Germain Grousset, born the 6th of the current [month], son of Jean Grouset and Anne Bros, married at St. Germain.... GROUSSET, Germain (I811)
35 18 July 1810. Death of Jean Combettes... of Paupouget this day, age 80 years.... COMBETTES, Jean (I825)
36 1862, 47th Regiment, Company A, North Carolina Infantry
8th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry 
DOZIER, Dr. Richard Henry (I11754)
37 1883: Admission at New York State Soldiers and Sailors Home, Bath, Steuben County, NY, USA to receive treatment for deafness (noted in 1881), discharged from home in April 1884. Brother Thad is listed as next of kin on admission form. SPIKE, Sgt. Perry M. (I14224)
38 25 Nov 1658. Sentence of whipping and banishment pronounced against Ytie Jansen, for living in adultery with Jan Parcel, alias Botcher. JANS, Ytie (Judith) (I917)
39 25 Nov 1658. Sentence. John Parcell, alias Botcher, of Huntingdonshire, Eng., for living in adultery with Ytie Jans, to be placed at the whipping post with two rods in his arm, to be banished for 20 years, and to pay a fine of 100 guilders with costs. PARSELL, John (I916)
40 25 Nov 1658. Sentence. Laurents Duyts, of Holstein, for selling his wife, Ytie Jansen, and forcing her to live in adultery with another man.... Family F3382
41 3 Aug 1794: "Isaac Pierce & Charlottee Pierce went forward in the ordinance of Baptism and was received into full fellowship with the Church." PIERCE, Rev. Isaac Washington (I1116)
42 3 Aug 1794: "Isaac Pierce & Charlottee Pierce went forward in the ordinance of Baptism and was received into full fellowship with the Church." PIERCE, Charlotte (I191)
43 3 May 1794, "Daniel Pierce came forward and gave a satisfactory declaration of the work of Grace in his soul and put himself under the watch care of the Church."

1 Sept 1831, "Voted to give R. Daniel Pierce and Mary Pierce his wife letters of recommendation with leave to join some other church of same faith & order." 
PIERCE, Daniel (I1087)
44 7 Oct 1771. Etienne Bruno, legitimate and natural son of Jean Baptiste Badarous and of Marianne Combettes, married at St. Germain, born the seventh of October 1771, and who was baptised the next day, his sponsor having been Francois Etienne Badarous his grandfather and Marguarite Combettes... his maternal grandmother.... BADAROUS, Etienne Bruno (I830)
45 7 September 1722. We have baptised Jean Combettes, legitimate and natural son of Jean Baptiste and Anne Gayde married at Paupouget.... COMBETTES, Jean (I825)
46 8 July 1800. Etienne Bruno Badarous, about 24 years old, son of Mr. Jean Baptiste and Mrs. Marianne Combetes of St. Germain and Marie Marguerite Grousset, about 18 years old, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Ursule Pouget.... Family F125
47 A David Martin is listed in the 1715 militia in Piscataway Twp. MARTIN, David (I3548)
48 A white man named Bradford Annas, aged 55 years, was discovered dead Thursday morning in Pledger's field, outside of the city limits. The coroner's jury held an inquest over the body and returned a verdict of "dead by the act of God."

Annas came to Bay St. Louis about two years ago and since has done odd jobs here and there and lived a temperate and very close life. The dead man was an ex-Union soldier and had recently made an application for a pension which was favorably received and his benefit from the government would have been forthcoming. It is supposed he had relations in the North. The remains were given a pauper's burial. 
ANNIS, Bradford (I10737)
49 Aaron Benedict was "a remarkable Man." He was a master mechanic in iron and a successful tradesman. He built three Baptist Churches (in Homer, NY; Fabius, NY; and Pleasantville, PA), built the Susquehanna, Bellefonte and Franklin turnpikes, and founded Pleasantville, Pa., in 1821 -- he named and laid out the town. He was also agent and surveyor of the Holland Land Company and a Free Mason. (The Masonic Grand Army Post at Pleasantville is named after him.) BENEDICT, Aaron (I1388)
50 Aaron Benedict was a zealous adherent of the Allegheny Baptist Church and he started the organization of a society at Pleasantville. He and his wife, along with John Tennent and wife, Mrs. David Copeland, Mrs. Ira B. West, were the first members of the church. BENEDICT, Aaron (I1388)

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