Steele: The History of an American Family
Planters of Old England, New England, and the American West
by Edward E. Steele

With a Foreword by Curt Witcher, Former President, National Genealogical Society


This totally revised and enlarged  edition of
A Steele Family History
is now available 
for $100.00 postpaid.

Its predicessor,

A Steele Family History,

was named the “Best Family History” in the
Connecticut Society of Genealogists’ 2002 Literary Awards contest.

This new 764-page  history of one line of the Steele family in England and America
with over 100 illustrations, maps, and photographs is now available.
Includes an every-name index and an index of subjects plus an annotated bibliography.

“Everyone should be so lucky to have a family history as well written as this one.”
Ann Carter Fleming, CG, Former Vice President, National Genealogical Society

“Mr. Steele has done a masterful job of weaving the events that occurred within the family
with the events that were taking place in the world around them.”
A. C. Dudley, Connecticut Society of Genealogists

“One of the finest examples of a family history I have seen.”
Ryan Taylor, Genealogy Department, Allen County Public Library

“What makes this book really interesting is all the little tidbits of local history….”
Jennifer Etheridge, The Honeoye Herald

This award-winning  publication is available for $100.00 postpaid.
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Steele Family History
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Foreword, Preface, and Introduction
Part I.  The Steele Family in England
   1.  The Tudor Era:  1485–1603
   2.  Essex County, Fairstead, and Puritanism
   3.  The Steeles of Fairstead

Part II.  The Steele Family in America
   4.  John Steele: Puritan Pioneer in a New World
   5.  John Steele: The Young Ensign
   6.  Samuel Steele: Puritan and Pilgrim
   7.  Thomas Steele: Captain of the Trainband
   8.  William Steele: The Steeles Leave Hartford
   9.  Isaac Steele: The Minuteman
 10.  Roderick Steele: To the New York Frontier
 11.  Edwin Steele: Pioneer Planter in the Midwest
 12.  William Wilson Steele: The Forty-Niner
 13.  William Eugene Steele: A Young Attorney; A Lifelong Rascal
 14.  Donald Eugene Steele: An Iowan in Los Angeles
 15.  Edward Eugene Steele: A Return to the Midwest

Part III.  The Steele Family Wives, including seven Mayflower families
 16.  The Talcott Family of Braintree, Essex, England
 17.  The Warner Family of Great Waltham, Essex, England, and Hartford, Connecticut
 18.  The Bradford Family of Austerfield, York, England, and Plymouth Colony
 19.  The Webster Family of Cossington, Leicester, England, and Hartford, Connecticut
 20.  The Seymour Family of Sawbridgeworth, Hertford, England, and Hartford and New Hartford, Connecticut
 21.  The Pitkin Family of Berkhamsted, Hertford, England, and Hartford, East Hartford, and New Hartford, Connecticut
 22.  The Merrill Family of Wherstead, Suffolk, England, and Hartford and New Hartford, Connecticut
 23.  The Barber Family Hartford, Washington Co., New York
 24.  The Annis Family, of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, and Newberry, Massachusetts, including the Winslow and Oakley families
 25.  The Wheeler Family, of New London, Connecticut, and Deposit, New York, including the Osborne and Brownell families
 26.  The Lowe Family of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, including the Ebbets, Badarous, and West families 
 26a.  New! The Lowe Family Addendum, tracing the  Lowe family of Portsmouth back to Thomas Low of Ipswich, Massachusetts
 27.  The Wood Family of Nuneaton, Warwick, England, and Rowley and Upton, Massachusetts,  including the Terrell and Edelen families

Index of Names
Index of Subjects

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