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Hello, and welcome to my website.

This site presents the ancestors of Edward E. (Ted) Steele and those of my first wife Sheryl S. (Sherry) Wood, and my now wife Judith L. (Judy) Papian. My father's families are the Steele and Wheeler lines, and my mother's families are the Lowe and West lines.

The photo in the upper left shows the very proud William E. Steele family (from L to R: son Donald, daughter Helen, Besse (Wheeler) Steele, and William E. Steele) showing off their brand new 1912 Cadillac. Tucked into the back seat is Besse's mother, Helen S. (Brownell) Wheeler. Besse's father, Henry O. Wheeler took the photo. They were all on an outing to see the new dam on the Mississippi River at Keokuk, Iowa.

The photo just above was taken on Mother's Day in Los Angeles in 1946. It shows the Steele and Lowe families gathered, with baby Ted (on the left) being held in the lap of my grandmother, Besse (Wheeler) Steele. Sitting next to her is my other grandmother, Ada (West) Lowe, and sitting next to her is her mother, Alice Clara (Bell/West) Ripley.

To see a listing of who's who, simply hover your mouse over the photo.

From the research done to date, Ted is:
79.6% English
9.4% French
6.2% Scottich
3.1% German
1.5% Irish
Which adds up to:
100% American

The link to the Papian family history can be found in the Features box to the right.

Because I have done a great deal of research on my mother's Lowe family, I also include the genealogy of her immigrant ancestor, Thomas Low of Ipswich, Massachusetts Also because of my extensive research into the Ebbets family of New York City, I am including the Ebbets genealogy, which traces back to a Daniel Ebbets who came from England to New York City in 1700. Links to these genealogies can also be found in the Features box to the right.

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These links will take you to the Papian family history and the genealogies of the Lowe and Ebbets families.